I did it my way

Saturday is fish day. On every Saturday, in the city I live in we have a fresh produce market. I love going to the market on Saturday mornings to buy fresh fish.  I know it sounds funny, but I like a lot the smell of fresh fish, not to talk about the visual aspect – all the fishes aligned on big metal tables, so shinny and ready to be fried, grilled, baked.. you name it.

Today, I followed every Saturday’s ritual, I went to buy some fish and the first thing that draw my attention was some pink salmon fillet.  Since I couldn’t waste that lovely pink flesh on only one dish I prepared it in three different way.

So here is my salmon three-way:

1. Smoked salmon with parmesan – pistachio crisps.

2. Salmon teriyaki. I just cooked the salmon in a marinade of  soy sauce, mirin, sake,  sugar and a wee bit of corn starch.

3. Salmon with pepper crust. Pan fried salmon with a crust of pepper in a bit of oil.


And since I always associate salmon with Norway – Vær så god!


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