Churros con chocolate

This year I want to go for holidays somewhere in Latin America, can’t decide yet. So many countries, so many things to see, so much food to enjoy.

 My list of countries is a bit too big for two – three weeks of holidays: I would like to go to Argentina – I love the passion in a tango dance (my dancing obsession again), Colombia is on top of my list too, so much culture, nice food, great people, beautiful scenery, then there is Peru – I want to see Machu Picchu so much, Nicaragua – friendly people and beautiful surroundings. Well, I will stop here, I want to see all of them  all, however I have to choose only one …ok, two if I stretch it a bit. So, my dear guest, do you have any recommendations? What is your favourite country in Central and South America? Where would you recommend me to go? I like a bit of culture, a lot of good food, some relaxing places and loads of sun :).

And to get into the right mood I made some churros con chocolate. They remind me of holidays, carefree time, sun, fun, sea breeze. The recipe is very similar to that I use for eclairs or choux, only than instead of baking the dough you need to fry it. As a final touch, the churros can be sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, however I prefer them with CHOCOLATE.

Churros con Chocolate

125 ml water

125ml whole milk

110 gr butter

2 tablespoons of sugar



150 grams flour

3 eggs

Bring the water, milk, butter, sugar, vanilla and salt to a boil in a saucepan. Add the flour at once and mix well with a spoon until the dough comes together and it forms a ball. Cool the dough slightly and then start by mixing one egg at a time. Mix until the dough is smooth. Transfer the dough in a pastry bag fitted with a stary tip or a churrera. Deep fry the churros in sunflower oil or canola oil at 150-175 C until it reaches a beautiful golden colour. Drain the churros and serve them hot with chocolate or cinnamony sugar.


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