Red snapper

Few years ago we went for one of the best concerts that I’ve been to – Red Snapper . There was so much energy on the stage and out of it, we left the concert exhausted because of all the dancing and happy because of the great concert we went to. Since then my love for Red Snapper expanded a bit and now it includes the little creepy fish. Oh yeah, ugly fish, tasty dish.

This was the ugly face I’ve been busy with on Sunday evening. And because I had a bit of extra time I prepared few things to go with it, some of them a bit exotic like the broccolini. Apparently it is a cross between broccoli and kai-lan (chinese broccoli), a bit more delicate and crunchy than its bigger brother – the broccoli.

Snapper with celeriac and truffle puree, broccolini and red paprika sauce


1 snapper fillet (I bought mine fresh, so after an entire battle with the fish I ended up with the kitchen more or less decorated with little blue ivory scales)

dry the fillet with a kitchen towel, season it with salt, pepper, chilli flakes, garlic (minced or very finely diced) and a bit of parsley. Let it rest until you prepare the rest of the dish components.

Fry the fish in a pan with some oil, on the skin side for 3-4 minutes and then gently flip it over until it reaches a nice golden colour and it cooks on the other side as well

celeriac puree with truffle infused oil

One big celeriac head

2-3 garlic cloves

1 small  knob of butter

salt, pepper and truffle infused oil

Boil the cleaned and diced celeriac until it is soft and tender. When it is done, drain the water, mash the celeriac and mix it with the butter, salt and pepper. When it cools down a bit, add the minced garlic and the truffle oil.

stir-fried broccolini

Add some olive oil in a large pan, start by frying 3-4 diced  cloves of garlic (depending how much you like garlic), a bit of thyme, and some chilli flakes. When the garlic becomes golden, add the broccolini and stir fry them until they become nice and crunchy. Season with salt and pepper. 

Serve everything with some nice salad, a bit of drizzled balsamic vinegar and optionally some paprika sauce.


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