The sunny side of life

Finally, there are signs that the spring is coming – the sun showed up. You can see happy faces everywhere, lots of gorgeous flowers and you can hear the songs of cheerful birds every morning. I have no clue if it is because of the sun, but I feel happy today.

And because of it I decided to make a sunny salad inspired by a recipe I came across in the Nobu Now book. Well, I adapted it bit, but the result was great and I think very pretty. I think it makes a great appetizer or a nice salad if you size up a bit the quantities.

smoked salmon salad with swiss chard and deep fried rice noodles

rice noodles or mihoen (to replace the finely shredded filo pastry – I like the deep-fried rice noodles better)

swiss chard (the original recipe called for baby spinach – I am in my “I don’t like raw spinach phase “so I replaced it with the swiss chard, but I guess any green stuff will do)

smoked salmon (sea bass originally)

salmon roe (ok, ok – the is the only original element from the recipe)

thai sweet chilli sauce (yuzu dressing in Nobu’s version)

Start by deep-frying the noodles in hot oil, take care to take them out in 30 seconds or so, they get done very fast. Arrange the chard or the greens on a plate , place the noodles on top of the greens and on top of them place the smoked salmon. Drizzle some of the sauce around the salad and top everything with salmon roe.


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