Happy Mother’s Day – 2!!!!

The second recipe is a pasta dish. I made it specifically for mother’s day  because it is a dish that reminds me of spring, of freshness and of tenderness –  in a word it reminds me of  my mom. She is the sweetest, the most gentle and most caring person  I know.

asparagus and green peas pasta

A bunch of purple or green asparagus
70 grams green
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 onion
2-3 garlic cloves
200 ml cooking cream
100 grams sun dried tomatoes
spaghetti or any other type of pasta for 2 persons
Boil the pasta according to the instructions.
For the sauce,  start by chopping the onion and the garlic. In a large pan saute the onion in 2  tablespoons of olive oil, add the garlic and the thyme once the onion starts to  soften.
Add the asparagus cut in few cm pieces. Fry it for 2-3 minutes, than  add the green peas , saute for 2 minutes and then add the cooking cream. Let it  simmer for few minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.
When the sauce is  done, mix it with the pasta. Serve it with sun dried tomatoes, plenty of  parmigiano and roasted pine nuts.

9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day – 2!!!!

  1. I tried it! But I had to free-style a wee bit 🙂 since I couldn’t find the purple asparagus anywhere. Also I used ricotta instead of the cream (I luuuvv ricotta…)

    I was deliciously yummy!! Any Father’s Day receipes in the making!? 😉

  2. Delicious! It was the main meal for Watse and me last sunday, mmm…still remember the nice flavour…somehow we ate with you that day :)!

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