Roasted beets salad

UPDATE: These salads were featured on Women’s Health Magazine’s blog, in the What We’re Reading this Week section.

Few days ago I came across this blog and a recipe for omelet with beets. Of course, I started craving beets the moment I’ve seen the beautiful red colour.  My favourite way of eating beets is in a simple, easy,   dish for the summer, ready in few minutes and delicious – Beet salad. You can tweak it  any way you want, the salad will come out great.

Here is my favourite ways of eating it:

 roasted beets salad – version 1

Cooked/roasted beets

Goat cheese

Mache or Lamb’s lettuce


Balsamic vinegar



beets salad – version 2

Cooked/roasted beets

Salad leaves

Crumbled feta cheese



Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil


10 thoughts on “Roasted beets salad

  1. I LOVE beets… no one else does in my family, but I really love it… This salad sounds and looks really good! I bet it was really yummy! I love the first presentation a lot. Like a beet carpaccio 🙂 Okay I know this has nothing to do with the beet salad, but what’s the pink stuff in the jar? Just curious… 🙂 Thanks for sharing another fabulous recipe, Emilia!

    • Hi Marsha,
      Beets are yummy indeed, I love them especially in the summer. The pink stuff in the jar is beetroot spread – quark, mixed with some beet juice, cream cheese, salt and pepper. It was quite nice with some toasted slice of bread.

  2. great combination of ingredients you’ve got here, I’ll make sure to try at least one of these salads :), haven’t eaten beets for quite a while, to be honest. I’d also love a cream soup with some pieces of grilled cheese and croûtons and a bit of cream or fat yogurt 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, goat cheese is great, isn’t it. I love it too and since I was bored with the usual goat cheese salad that you get in the restaurants thought to pair it up with the next best thing – beets 🙂

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