Cheesecake macarons

I told you about my macaron obsession, once I started making them somehow I couldn’t stop. For the New Year Eve’s dinner I was the one that had to take care of the dessert – not a particularly tough request, since I am always looking for a ocassion to try new cake recipes.

And of course this made the perfect occasion to try a new type of macarons – cheesecake macarons.

I tried cheesecake macarons before in Paris, at Christophe Roussel’s shop and I loved them, they were fresh and amazingly delicious. So here is my attempt to re-create those macarons. Even though they were quite tasty, I have to re-make them few more times until I get the perfect cheesecake macaron :-).

cheesecake macarons

yields 24  macarons

120 g almond meal

200 g powdered sugar

100 g egg whites

30 g granulated sugar

food coloring gel

The directions on how to make the macarons can be found here

cheesecake filling

250 grams cream cheese (Philadelphia or any other cream cheese would do)

2 tablespoons whipping cream

3-5 tablespoons lemon curd

lemon rind


Whip the cream cheese and the whipping cream together, until fluffy and homogeneous and then add the vanilla. Gently add the lemon curd and a bit of lemon rind.

Use a piping bag or spoon to fill the macarons with the cheesecake filling. Store in the fridge in an airtight container.

Paris, mon amour

I kind of abandoned my blog lately, but I had a good reason for it – I was travelling around. The latest trip was in Paris. I always had a love – hate relationship with Paris. Sometimes I just love it, with all its great food, beautiful people, amazing buildings and delicious sweets. Other times it drives me crazy – there are too many people around, you can find terrible restaurants serving horrible food, the Parisians are too arrogant and I can go on for a bit.

My Paris is moody, crazy, lovely, colorful and always full of surprises.

This time I loved Paris, the weather was great, I went to one of the best concerts ever, the food was great…and the macarons heavenly.

I had an epiphany when it comes to food, I discovered this little gem thanks to Dans Les Landes serves southwestern french tapas style food, some of the best tapas I ever tried. The dinner started with salade Landaise, some sort of insanely delicious spring rolls – rice paper encapsulating salad, duck breast, foie gras and asperges served together with an amazing sauce. Next were some crispy fried baby squid (chipirions) served in a clog, so good that we considered a second and third serving.

These dishes were followed by fried  shrimp in coconut milk, clams cooked in an amazing greek artichoke sauce, fried quail breasts cooked in the best sauce ever (when I think of it I get hungry in an instant). After all these amazing dishes, we wanted more, even though our bellies were almost exploding and my taste buds were dancing with joy, so we ordered langoustines. I am not going to describe this dish anymore, all I have to say  is – it is not fair to have such an amazing food only in this country, these kind of dishes should be produced on a large-scale and distributed around the world.  I am sure good food is the answer to world peace 🙂The quality of my pictures does not do any justice to these dishes, next time I will try to do a better job, because next time I go to Paris, I know where I will end up for dinner or lunch:

Dans Les Landes

119 bis rue Monge,

Paris 5e. 

Metro:  Censier-Daubenton.

Ah, did I mention – they serve some amazingly fruity and  light Gascogne white wine…and as an added bonus the chef and the waiters are really cute and super friendly.

unfortunately, that evening there was no room for dessert, but next day I wanted to try some of the highly praised macarons. So, after seeing Sacre Coeur I was ready for a heavenly experience and I went to Christophe Roussel’s shop

The shop looks more like a high-end parfumerie rather  than a macaron/chocolate shop. Luckily the guy behind the counter offered us little macaroons samples – I was lost the moment I tried the cheesecake one. Insanely delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up buying a box full of  precious treasures – little crispy cookies bursting with lavender and apricot, coffee, caramel and banana, pistachio, raspberries, chocolate flavours  . Forget about diamonds, macarons are the girls best friends.

The macarons are long gone now, but their memory will stay always with me, I will never forget those elegant, delicious, amazing cookies.

All I can say now is : MERCI PARIS ET A LA PROCHAINE!