Heston’s mousse vs. regular mousse

Sunday is cake’s day, I usually make a cake for the rest of the week. This weekend was the time for a cake with mousses. I am a big sucker for mousses, any type of mousse will do, but of course the chocolate one is on top of my list. So I started trying out different recipes. Usually I go for mousse recipe including raw eggs, but since I didn’t have any fresh eggs, I tried two new recipes.

First, I went for a regular mousse consisting of hwhipped cream (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHYYkZpZGjo&feature=related) and melted chocolate. 

The recipe is straight forward : Hwhip some cream, about 300 ml, melt some chocolate (milk, white, dark, extra dark, whatever you prefer) let it cool down for a bit.Then gentely incorporate the chocolate into the hwipped cream. And there you have it, smooth, silky chocolate mousse.

Second trial – Heston Blumenthal’s mousse. He says he got the idea from a French culinary scientist called Hervé This. I found it slightly hard to belive that you can get a mousse out of chocolate and water, but Heston gave a scientific explanation to go with it. If there is a scientific explanation for it, the geek in me falls for it.

Therefore, I started my little experiment by melting 270 gr chocolate into 230 ml of water in a mixing bowl. For this recipe you need the best chocolate you can get – I used some dark Lindt chocolate. When the chocolate is melted, put the mixing bowl on top of a pan containing some ice cubes and whisk continuously, just like Heston is showing in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g28-9NVUHj0


By the time I was done with the second mousse, half of it was gone. It is smooth, full of flavour, the taste of the chocolate stays strong – oh yeah it is simply great. At the end I just mixed both of them and got a nice delicious chocolate mousse. And because there was a great sunny day I started playing with different types of presentations:

summer fruit + chocolate mousse

brownie soil + chocolate mousse + edible pansies


Rumor has it – the brownie combination with chocolate mousse and the summer fruits is simply the best, it balances great flavours and tastes :-).

12 thoughts on “Heston’s mousse vs. regular mousse

    • Deanna, maybe a mousse diet will help recovering faster after the tonsilitis :-). Hope you will recover soon. Hehe, in the first picture I have the mousses in the right order, in the second and the third I reversed them just for the sake of contrast….good observation skills

  1. How fun for you. When I get frustrated in the kitchen, I’ll remember this post and remember that I am enjoying learning to cook and how to photograph food. There are so many things that I want to cook!

  2. oh my gosh, that’s just adorable. can’t wait to try. saving to cookmarked.com until then. reminds me of “dirt” that we used to eat as kids. 🙂

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  4. Hi all,
    just a quick note.. I was curious to see if milk chocolate would work as well but alas: I tried it and it failed. A very unpleasant texture and it doesn’t really set the way dark choc makes it set.

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