Dreaming of summer

Summer, Greece…bougatsa (Μπουγάτσα)

I woke up this morning and guess what… it is still gloomy, cold and cloudy outside and  there is a long way to go until the sun will start shinning again.  I am dreaming of a hot summer and of nice, warm days. So, to bring a bit of warmth into the house I made some bougatsa wanna be. It reminds me of  Greece, of sun, of late delicious breakfasts and of lazy days at the beach. Bougatsa apparently originated in the northern part of Greece, in the province of  Macedonia and it has different types of filling – meat, cheese, custard, spinach and so on,  all of them equally delicious. I love the sweet variety, bougatsa me krema and here is my interpretation of bougatsa.


Few sheets of phyllo pastry

375 ml milk

2 egg yolks

80 g of sugar

2 tablespoons of cornstarch or fine semolina




Drizzle  squared sheets of phyllo pastry with melted butter and bake in muffin trays in the oven at 150 degrees C for 10 minutes or until the pastry becomes golden. Meanwhile, in a pan heat the milk with 50 g of sugar. separately mix the egg yolks with sugar and cornstarch. When the milk reaches a boil, slowly start incorporating the egg mixture, while whisking continuously to ensure that the custard is smooth. Boil until the custard thickens. Pour the custard into the phyllo cups and drizzle cinnamon on top of it.

Kali Orexi or Καλή όρεξη!


24 thoughts on “Dreaming of summer

  1. Emi… why have I never tried this one before…!? I looks lovely! 😉 Good luck on the blogging and the cooking… and hopefully for me on the tasting :P, bizzz

  2. Καλή αρχή. Θα γράψω στα ελληνικά διότι η συνταγή είναι ελληνική και θα σου πω ΜΠΡΑΒΟ γιατί έγραψες κυρίως για την “καταγωγή” της. Αν δεν είσαι ελληνίδα ευχαρίστως να σε φιλοξενήσουμε. Αν θελήσεις κι άλλες ελληνικές συνταγές στη διάθεσή σου. Καλή συνέχεια.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve spent some time in Greece, and one of my best memories is of staying out all night then getting bougatsa fresh from the oven just as my local bakery opened…

  4. got to say im in love with your blog so many lush dishes how will i make them all an chance you cold maybe put up a conversion table from scales to cup measurements

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